• Voss Signs® Tree Tags are printed on 4" x 6", medium (.070 gauge) tan plastic, with green print, 4 mounting holes and round corners. This series of descriptive tree identification signs includes as many as three common names, the scientific name, our staff artist's sketch of a typical leaf and a brief description of the tree as well as common uses of the wood. Individuals and organizations across the country are taking advantage of this unique product to help educate students and visitors to better appreciate their natural surroundings. Signs designed by artist Jackie Lawniczak. *OK to mix/match styles for quantity price breaks. **Custom design, species and sizes are also available -- call for info & pricing. 
  • 3M® Reflective blazer for marking and posting trails. Available in single and double sided on .070 plastic. For use on snowmobile and atv trails.
  • These signs (except Apex Arrow) are printed on medium, .050 gauge plastic. Apex Arrow and Reflective Sheeting signs are printed on .070 gauge yellow plastic with 3M Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting. OK to mix and match styles for price breaks. 
  • Prohibitive Signs

    Post our distinct and easy to recognize signs, with red and black print, on .050 medium gauge white plastic to alert your visitors to the rules of the park. Keep your visitors safe and informed. Both 12" x 12" and 6" x 6" come with 1/8" diameter mounting holes and round corners. *OK to mix and match same size signs for quantity price breaks. 
  • Signs come with 2 mounting holes & round corners, no backer board required. Imprints on 10-99 Premium Signs require a $30.00 imprint charge. Free imprint (name and address) with orders of 100 or more. Available in orange, yellow and white plastic, or aluminum, with black print. To Imprint Name & Address on signs, Please Call 800-473-0698
  • Voss Signs carries three different stock Trail Rating Signs. Easiest, More Difficult, and Most Difficult. These are plastic signs with non-reflective green, blue or black print. Printed on our medium weight, .050 gauge plastic. OK to mix and match for quantity price breaks. 
  • Cone Toppers

    Designed for triathlons and running events. These cost effective, durable and weatherproof signs are specially die-cut to attach securely to the traffic cone. 9" x 12" (.070 gauge) have bottom die cuts, signs fit on top of cones. 12" x 18" (.050 gauge) have top die cuts, signs hang on the top of cones. *OK to mix & match same size for quantity price breaks. 
  • (ITEM# 455-DTR) 6" x 8" medium .050 gauge orange poly with white reflective print. (ITEM# 461-RLO) 7.5" x 7.5" medium .050 gauge red plastic with red reflective print. (ITEM# FRS455-DTR) 6" x 8" medium .070 gauge orange poly with reflective sheeting. (ITEM# FRS461-RLO) 7.5" x 7.5" medium .070 gauge red plastic with reflective sheeting.
  • Our 9.5" diameter, medium, .050 gauge, orange plastic, Permadisc Marking discs are printed in black and come with mounting holes.
  • Recreational Signs

    Inform Visitors of Park & Campground Regulations Voss Signs® Recreational Signs are ideal for use in state and federal parks as well as private campgrounds. Use them to inform your patrons of the rules and regulations in your park or to direct visitors to various activities located within your park. Signs are also available with Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting, and can be printed on either aluminum or plastic. Signs are white with brown paint. Two holes and round corners are included. Call for more information. *Red reflective strips available. $.75 each (not applied). 
  • Our decals are printed on white reflective background.  Engineer Grade Reflective sheeting is used. Decals can be used with marking posts.
  • Voss Signs® Field Markers / SnowPoles deliver long term performance at an affordable price.  At 6' in length they are highly visible, light weight, durable and impact resistant. 3" bands of engineer grade reflective sheeting for greater visibility are available for only an additional $1.00. (not applied) Minimum Ordering Quantity 100.
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