Medium Portable Sidewalk Sign with Rolling Base

Medium Portable Sidewalk Sign with Rolling Base


24 3/4″ x 36 3/4″

This two sided sign is easy to maneuver, durable and the graphic changes could not be easier. The graphics are a waterproof dye sublimation fabric made for outdoor use. The graphics easily slide over the powder coated steel frame like a pillowcase. The graphic has a small Velcro piece sewn on the bottom of both sides that tightly secures the graphic to the frame and offers 100% visual coverage on your graphics. You can focus on your message with no sight distractions like handles, legs, supports, etc. The plastic base can be filled with sand (preferred) or water. The sign weighs in at 8.65 pounds and adding approximately 12 to 17 pounds of sand is recommended (max is 25 pounds).


Looking for a new sidewalk sign with a fresh look to promote your business? Our portable sidewalk sign makes a great first impression.



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